altreforme sartoria is addressed to architects, interior designers and the contractors in order to realize aluminium production job order characterized by attention to details, Made in Italy quality and a functional solution. altreforme sartoria tailored outputs are conceived to integrate themselves harmoniously with every kind of environment, increasing its value.

A workshop where we develop made to measure and exclusive products: raw material, processes and production technologies are applied as in an atelier, where creativity and functionality work together on a challenging and radiant material.

Extremely thin aluminium sheets, manufactured like made to measure clothes, give shape to sophisticated client's ideas and desires personalizing and making his own spaces unique.A line created to offer new and exclusive tailored solutions dedicated to architects, interior designers and contractors or sophisticated clients who want to personalize and make their own spaces unique.

Commissioned aluminium productions characterized by attention to details and Made in Italy quality, offering the possibility to give shape to innovative and unique ideas, which are normally impossible on aluminium for those who do not have the same technological know-how as our Group does.

An atelier where creativity and functionality are combined, offering to the clients high quality products that reflect their personality or the identity of the brand that they represent.

Aluminium sheets of every width and alloy, manufactured like sartorial clothes, give shape to new ideas and to the customers’ needs of customizing the collection of products, according to specific needs.

A workshop where made to measure products are produced with no imagination limits, challenging the aluminium properties with sinuous shapes never seen before, with original and colourful finishing and elaborated decorations.

altreforme sartorial offers to its customers services of
- co-design
- CAD engineering
- cold stamping
- folding
- rolling
- turning
- CNC milling
- assembly
- welding
- aesthetic review
- 2D-3D and water laser cutting

besides many other solutions of superficial finishing