altreforme partner of Italia Independent

talia Independent

november 2009

Italia Independent chooses altreforme for its new showroom in Milan: a wide ex-industrial space near Naviglio Grande where the company established by Lapo Elkann develops its creative talent, promoting the contamination with art and design by hosting exhibitions, performance and workshop.
altreforme limited edition furniture, arisen from the Fontana Group's expertise in the aluminium manufacturing for the automotive field, coexists in this new metropolitan showroom with Italian Independent innovative collection.
The meaning of this extraordinary partnership is implied in the nature and in a new concept of luxury expressed by these two brands. "ALTRE" and "INDIPENDENZA", both active parts of the two brands, are two different ways to express the same concept, to identify with a very same philosophy.
Excellent synthesis of tradition and innovation, altreforme limited editions are perfect for those who love to be different and choose to surround themselves of original and unique objects, refusing the homologation of the mass production. As well Italia Independent embodies the taste the Independent, who refuses the mass standardization and draws from his own creativity to mix different styles and identifiable details. altreforme and Italia Independent, two young cosmopolitan brands able to join tradition and innovation, are exemplary ambassadors of the Made in Italy 2.0 and of a new concept of luxury; a luxury that is not a status symbol and ostentation, but originality, personalization and refinement. Since last November in via Pestalozzi 4, the new Milan address of Italia Independent and altreforme.