Metallo Legno Pelle

metallo e legno

September 9th - 29th 2010

altreforme participates to "Metallo Legno Pelle" an exhibition-event in which products that arise from head, from heart, from hands will be displayed. Basic materials that wise workmanships turn into unique and rare objects. This theme ties up the protagonists of the event that share excellent creative and productive processes, innovation, independence of thought, attention to details, attentive research on the material, the colour, the shape. The location that host" Metallo Legno Pelle " is Galleria del Vento a well-known art, design and lifestyle gallery in Monza, an environment in which contemporary contaminations are mixed with the highest Lombardy antique. altreforme displays the arbat tables, the brera bookshelves and the monza mirror in the Rosso Corsa finishing on the occasion of the F1 GP that will take place in Monza in the same days.